The Cleveland Police Foundation in Partnership with the Ohio Crime Prevention Association Presents the ” Tip of the Week “

Personal Safety: General Safety Tips
1 – Keep your residence well-lit, and leave a television or radio on while away. When returning home, be aware of vehicles or individuals around your home.
2 – Carry only the items, credit cards or cash you need for the day in your purse or bag. Wear a fanny pack or carry your purse under a coat or close to your body. Never leave a purse or bag in a shopping cart or on a counter. Record credit card numbers in case of theft and keep the numbers in a safe place.
3 – If you are working or shopping late in the evening, ask a coworker or security officer to walk you to your car.
4 – If someone suspicious enters an elevator you’re on get off as soon as you can. If you feel uneasy about someone who is waiting for the elevator, walk away and use it later.
5 – If someone confronts you with a weapon, consider if what you’re protecting is worth the risk. In other words if it isn’t your life you’re protecting, it isn’t worth the risk.
OCPA%20logo%2026 – Call 911 if you are suspicious of an activity or afraid in a situation.


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