Officer Wellness And Morale Program

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Improving the Wellness & Morale of Cleveland Police Officers

Suicides among public safety personnel have risen 17% since 2020. The Cleveland Division of Police is facing similar challenges such as shootings, targeting of officers, increases in violence, PTSD and mental health issues. Training is vital to ensure overall wellness and job performance.

Seeking Donations for the Cleveland Police Officers Wellness and Morale Program

Morale for the CPD has become a greater concern in the last three years as the result of the loss of two police officers in the line of duty (Detective James Skernivitz and Officer Shane Bartek) and two officers lost to suicide.

The Cleveland Police Foundation Wellness & Morale Program, started in 2022, has produced these accomplishments in our first year.

  • Stress Management Training – 50 detectives went through the program, including the Homicide Unit, the Sex Crimes Unit, and the Gang Unit.
  • 136 officers and family members received equine therapy stress relief management.
  • Approximately 200 officers participated in stress management yoga training.
  • Approximately 374 “pink” badges were sold in support of breast cancer awareness and approximately 250 officers attended a breast cancer awareness training session and resource fair held in September 2022.
  • CPF funded the acquisition of the Division’s first ever “therapy dog ” to be used for interaction with trauma victims of crime and for officer stress management. The plan is to acquire a dog for each of Cleveland’s five police districts.

There is more to be accomplished. We need your support.

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