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Anti-theft devices can deter or delay auto thieves. The more time-consuming and obvious an attempt is, the more likely the thief will become discouraged or get caught. Consider the purchase and installation of security devices such as those described below.
1) Column Locking Device: Good deterrent to auto theft. Their visibility alone to a would-be thief is an effective anti-theft feature.
2) Tapered Lock Button: Replacements are very inexpensive, yet much more difficult to open.
3) Ignition Cut-Off System (Kill Switch): Prevents electrical current from reaching the coil or distributor.
4) Fuel Shut-Off System: Prevents fuel from reaching the carburetor using a hidden switch.
5) Alarm System: If an attempt is made to steal vehicle an alarm device activates a siren, horn or light – or all three to frighten thief away.
6) Time-Delay Fuse: Unless a concealed switch is turned off, starting the car burns out a sensitive fuse, causing a power outage that stops engine.
7) Time-Delay Ignition system: The ignition must be turned from “on” to “start” after a pre-set interval or the engine cannot be started.
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