Like Father, Like Son

After Patrol Officer Max Estremera and his son Anthony had an opportunity to work together, they commented on their special moment:

“One of the greatest events of my career happened on September 21, 2021 when I had the opportunity to work with my son, Anthony Estremera.  Anthony was hired in January 2020 [Max was hired in September 1998] and proudly serves the Second District.  The highlight of our night was when we received an assignment for Domestic Violence, and how different generations of training and experience come to play on the assignment.  Anthony handled the call as he was taught, thoroughly questioning both parties, gathering the facts.  While talking to the 53-year-old male complainant, he felt comforted by my words and actions.  He looked at Anthony and said, ‘You should be more like your partner.’  I chuckled to myself as he didn’t know we were Father and Son.

Max further stated: “Working the zone car together is a memory that will last a lifetime for me.  I got to spend time with my son, see him in action, share in a comradery that few understand.  I want to thank all the bosses that made it happen!  It truly is a highlight of my career in Law Enforcement!”

Anthony posted: “It’s not every day that as a law enforcement officer you get a chance to work with your dad.  Grateful for all the people who helped it to happen and glad I got to drag my dad over to a night shift a couple nights ago.”

Thank you to the Estremeras!  A fine example of tradition in Blue!


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