June 2017 Police Officers of the Month: Detective Carl Bowers, Detective Michael Belle and Patrol Officer Erwin Eberhardt

June 2017 Honorees

For the past 16 years Detective Carl Bowers (Photo Lab), Detective Michael Belle (Crime Scenes Unit), and Patrol Officer Erwin Eberhardt (Airport Unit) have ​volunteered with the Progress With Chess ​Program ​hosted by​ the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The program teaches students the rules of the game and gives them the skills to compete in chess​​ as well as creating a positive interaction with members of law enforcement.​ ​The​ three officers were teammates on the John Adams High School chess team some 34 years ago​,​ and they learned back then that the coaches, teachers, and volunteers were guiding them​ to stay​ on a positive path.​ ​This year, a​s the buses arrived for ​the​ district-wide​ competition​,​ these dedicated officers greeted the nearly 600 students and directed them to the Louis Stokes wing of the downtown Cleveland Public Library. Upon completion of the matches and the handing out of trophies to the winners​,​ the officers played some of the students in a giant version of the game and a good time was had by all. At the end of the day Detective Bowers stated​,​ “This is a huge win for the community, big business, schools, library, and also for the Cleveland Police Department. Now that’s what I call a checkmate for the kids of Cleveland.” ​For their dedication ​and giving of their time ​to the youth of the community​ ​the Cleveland Police Foundation is honored to recognize ​Det. Michael Belle, ​Det​.​ Carl Bowers, and ​PO Erwin Eberhardt as Police Officers ​o​f ​t​he Month for June 2017.


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