Fourth District Officer Santa Adopts Stray Pup Found During Patrol

On July 30, at around 5:05pm, Officer Santa was patrolling her area in the Fourth District. While doing so, she spotted this precious pup roaming around who was observed severely malnourished and scared near MLK. When Officer Santa approached her, she ran run up to her and was wagging her tail full of love.

Although a little scared, she quickly warmed up to Officer Santa’s presence and was given some of the officers turkey subway sandwich (Lol). Officer Santa then gave her some water and contacted Cleveland Kennels to pick the pup up.

After a 72 hour hold, no one claimed her which led Officer Santa to officially adopt her. The pup now named Luna, was welcomed into a loving home.

Luna loves walks, treats, and loves people, especially those who give her belly rubs. Luna is only six months old and is completely potty trained, knows how to sit and is working on “paw.”

Thank you to Officer Santa for giving this precious girl a loving home, as those who had her before did not give her. We wish her a long, fun and healthy life ahead of her. Welcome to the blue family, Luna.

~ Cleveland Police Fourth District


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