Cleveland Police Foundation Supports Division of Police Recruitment Efforts and Promises Outreach to the Community

Special recruitment effort will work with community organizations to build bridges between the police and potential police officer candidates. New scholarship program is being established.

Cleveland, OH (April 25, 2023)—The Cleveland Police Foundation has supported the City of Cleveland Division of Police on many fronts since its founding in 2005. But now the foundation plans to focus its board and Community Engagement Committee on organizations across the city in an effort to bring them closer to our police department and encourage diversity through active contact with groups serving African American, Hispanic, Asian and other ethnicities, according to Dick Clough, Foundation President.

Clough commented, “Police departments in the United States have become the enemy in many regions of the country, Ohio being no exception. How do you recruit police officers for the City of Cleveland – especially minorities including women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and others? How do you make your police department reflect our city’s demographic makeup by recruiting a similar demographic group? We believe our Foundation can help.”

The CPF plans to offer workshops and videos that tell candidates what they need to know about becoming a police officer. It will also push the city’s recruitment messages through the foundation’s PR, social media, and community relations activities aimed at attracting police candidates starting at 20-1/2 years of age. The CPF plans to be particularly active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

According to the foundation, The CPF will underwrite a Public Safety Career Pathway Program designed to provide scholarships to potential and well qualified police officer candidates.

“Recruitment is a place where we can help. Our team is engaged with the community on a regular basis. One of our staff members wrote a book on Community Policing.” says Clough. “We encourage everyone in our community to encourage our young men and women to a life of service to our community where they can use their skills to make Cleveland a safer place by becoming a police officer.”

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