August 2023 Newsletter: Student’s Kit Donation Ignites Wave of Community Outreach

August 2023 - The Partner

August’s Cleveland Police Foundation newsletter centers around a benevolent act by college student Ian McKenna, whose donation of 500 “Street Survival” Kits creates a ripple of community support and engagement. This initiative exemplifies the ongoing endeavors to foster a harmonious relationship between Cleveland Police and the community.

The newsletter also highlights:

  • A recap by Ian McKenna of the Homeless Survival Kit Fundraiser, narrating the successful collaboration to provide essential kits to the homeless, fostering positive interactions between the police and the community.
  • Emotional narratives from the Heroes Fund section, extending support to officers facing adversities, reiterating the importance of community backing.
  • Patrol Officer Hunter Goon’s touching act of kindness, bringing a smile to a grieving young girl’s face, highlighting the compassionate side of policing.
  • The admirable beautification effort by Dale and Julie Heyink of Puritas Nursery, adding a refreshing touch to the Third District premises, much to the appreciation of the personnel.
  • The heartfelt initiative of the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit Charitable Trust, showcasing the century-old bond between officers and their equine partners, and its positive impact on community relations.
  • The NOBLE Youth Leadership Forum, a venture of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, fostered interactions between area teens and Cleveland Police, with a generous MCPC donation enhancing the event.

These stories reflect the collaborative efforts and the shared aspiration of creating a safer, supportive, and more engaged community. Dive into these uplifting narratives and discover the numerous ways individuals and the Cleveland Police Foundation are making a difference by reading the full newsletter here.


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