A Successful Operation in District Three

district three vice unit

This past weekend, the dedicated officers of the Third District Vice Unit and the Violence Crime Response Team (VCRT) carried out a significant operation at East 30th and Carnegie, resulting in a substantial win for the community and a safer Cleveland.

In a display of relentless commitment and meticulous planning, the operation led to the arrest of three suspects involved in illicit activities that have been a concern for the community. This operation underscores the relentless effort of our officers to tackle crime and ensure the safety of our neighborhoods.

The seizures made during this operation are notable. Among the items recovered were a firearm, three ounces of heroin, $2,900 in cash, and various other drugs and paraphernalia. These seizures not only represent a direct blow to the drug trafficking networks plaguing our community but also avert potential tragedies that could have arisen from the distribution and use of these dangerous substances.

The heroin seizure is particularly significant, given the opioid crisis that continues to affect our community and the nation at large. This operation has undoubtedly saved lives by removing a substantial quantity of heroin from the streets, highlighting the critical role of the Vice Unit and VCRT in combating drug-related issues.

The recovery of a firearm during the operation also serves as a stark reminder of the risks our officers face every day to keep us safe. It underscores the dangerous nexus between drug trafficking and gun violence, a challenge that our law enforcement officers confront with courage and dedication.

The Cleveland Police Foundation proudly supports the brave men and women of the Cleveland Police Department as they carry out their duties with honor and integrity. We are deeply grateful for their service and commend their recent success in District Three. This operation not only demonstrates the effectiveness of our police force but also strengthens the trust and cooperation between the community and law enforcement.

We remain committed to supporting initiatives that enhance public safety, foster community engagement, and promote a safe and thriving Cleveland. Let us all continue to support our police in their ongoing efforts to maintain peace and security in our neighborhoods.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can build a safer Cleveland.


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