2024 CPF Leadership Team Announced

The leadership team for the Cleveland Police Foundation (CPF) has been announced led by Dick Clough, board president, who will remain in place executing a “year of transformation” evolving the Foundation’s mission to focus on Cops, Kids, and Community. Clough is CEO, CloughCleveland Enterprises, and in addition to CPF, leads the boards of the Cleveland Police Athletic League, Green Ribbon Coalition, and Tour of Good Cheer.

For the past two years, Clough has led CPF through a transformative process to develop and invest in innovative programs designed to improve police community relations; address the root causes of youth crime; and enhance the well-being of police officers and their families.

“Our goal is to create interactive opportunities between cops and kids, and cops and the community,” notes Clough, adding, “to improve mutual understanding and trust.”

Returning members of the CPF Executive Committee include Vice President, John Anoliefo, Famicos Foundation; Treasurer, Richard Henry, RHG Solutions LLC; and Secretary / Communications Chair, Ed Stevens, APR, Stevens Strategic Communications.

In addition, three major programming groups have been formed within the CPF board to provide oversight and support. The group chairs include former Plain Dealer publisher, Alex Machaskee, Adam Pizzurro, Bridgestone Tire, and Bill Dillingham, PUBCO/Buckeye Business Products.

Clough asserts, “The Foundation has a great team for a big job. We look forward to pursuing an ambitious agenda bringing citizens and law enforcement together to resolve issues and make Cleveland a safer place to work, live and play.”

The roster of the Cleveland Police Foundation leadership team follows:


(Executive Committee)

Board Chair / President
Dick Clough
CloughCleveland Enterprises

Vice President
John Anoliefo
Famicos Foundation

Richard Henry
RHG Solutions LLC

Secretary / Communications Chair
Ed Stevens
Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc.

Advancement Chair
Bob Rotatori
Rotatori Consulting

Governance Chair
Seth Briskin, Esq.
Meyers Roman, LPA


Kids/Cops/Community Interactive
Alex Machaskee, Chair
Retired Publisher, The Plain Dealer

Kids/Cops/Athletic Interactive
Adam Pizzurro, Chair
Bridgestone Tire Financial Services

Blue Line Focus Group
Bill Dillingham
PUBCO / Buckeye Business Products


David Akers, Equalis Group

Steve Anthony, EY (FBI, Ret.)

Mike Connole, Skylight Financial

Jim Craciun, Craciun-Berry Funeral Home

Grant Dinner, Weinberg Financial

George Hwang, Pearl of Orient, West (Ret)

Tawana James, Thrive Behavioral Health

Steve Lorton, Publicist (First Energy / Ret)

Tom Klocker, All-Metal Sales

Roger Synenberg, Esq.


Kathy Heigle, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer / Controller

Bob Guttu (CPD, Ret)
Outreach Coordinator

Cpt. Keith Sulzer (CPD, Ret)
Community Outreach / Owens Park


The Cleveland Police Foundation is the official charity for the Cleveland Division of Police and the only organization authorized to solicit charitable contributions on its behalf.

We provide funding for youth and community outreach programs, community policing and engagement initiatives, safety & crime prevention programs, and support the members of the Cleveland Division of Police to help them better perform their duties. Contributions to the CPF are tax deductible under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code.

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