10th Annual Gun Buyback Held

dscn0091On Sunday, December 4, 2016 the 10th Annual City of Cleveland Gun Buyback was held at the 3rd District Headquarters. This program allows the city to dispose of unwanted operable firearms transported by citizens in a safe, secure, and anonymous manner who then will receive gift cards from True North Shell, and Dave’s Market  then leave with the knowledge that these weapons will not fall into the wrong hands. These weapons were inspected by the Cleveland Police Ordnance Unit and only operable guns were accepted for gift card awards. The weapons will also be checked through a data base to make sure none were stolen or used in a previous crime. These 168 handguns and rifles that were turned in will eventually be melted down at the ArcelorMittal facility. Funding for this successful program was made available through a grant from ArcelorMittal, and donations from corporations, organizations, businesses, and individuals. Chief Calvin Williams who visited the event said it best when he stated ” We know as a result of this program someone’s life will be saved, and we are all encouraged that the police and community are working together to get these guns off the street”. With these 168 weapons turned in this year, it makes a total of 3076 total guns removed from the streets of Cleveland since the program’s inception, and we at the Cleveland Police Foundation are proud to be a sponsor also. (Bob Guttu C.P.F)

Some of the weapons that were turned in.

Some of the weapons that were turned in.


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