April 21, 2018: “Cleanin’ With Cops”

Help us remove ALL of the litter in Cleveland in one day!


Join us Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 12:30 – 4 p.m.! The Cleveland Police Foundation has partnered with LitterBugz for the “Cleanin’ With Cops” project.

LitterBugz is coordinating 39 locations across Cuyahoga County and will have music bands performing at each of the locations. “Cleanin’ With Cops” will be at these five locations:

LOCATION #1 – Cleveland Police District 1 Champions
Cudell Area
Cudell Commons
1910 West Blvd., Cleveland, 44102

LOCATION #2 – Cleveland Police District 2 Champions
Clark-Fulton Area
Trent Park
3901 Trent Avenue, Cleveland, 44109

LOCATION #3 – Cleveland Police District 3 Champions
Doan Brook Watershed Area
Rockefeller Lagoon
Rockefeller Lagoon, Cleveland, 44106

LOCATION #4 – Cleveland Police District 4 Champions
Woodland Hills Area
Woodland Hills Park (Luke Easter Park)
3200 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Cleveland, 44104

LOCATION #5 – Cleveland Police District 5 Champions
Collinwood Area
Humphrey Park
16399 Grovewood Avenue, Cleveland, 44110

Our goal is to have at least 75 volunteers for each District, for a total of 375 volunteers that day. We hope you will be able to rally your residents to volunteer as well. Each volunteer will be provided with a T-shirt and baseball cap. We will also provide food and refreshments. Prizes will be awarded to the District that collects the most trash.

When you register, please indicate the “[Name of Area]” location you wish to volunteer at and under the “Additional Comments” Section, please put “Cleveland Police Foundation.”

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