Think You Know What Police Do?

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams did quite an admirable job fielding tough questions by CBC News correspondent Bill Whitaker in a 60 Minutes story about the Cleveland Division of Police. Recognizing that the CPD has work to do in building bridges between the community and the police, he also made it clear that he knows the dangers police officers face while doing an extraordinarily difficult job.

safe_image     POs Eric Newton and Shane Bauhof are two of the members of the CPD 4th Neighborhood Police District working in one of the City’s toughest neighborhoods. They also appeared on the program which aired on Sunday, January 25, 2015. The video on the below link appeared on-line at 60 Minutes Overtime. It not only provides a small glimpse of the harsh realities that Cleveland police officers face daily, but also demonstrates the level of commitment and dedication it takes to be among “America’s Finest.”
As stated on the Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial, dedicated to the memory of the scores of officers from the region that died protecting our communities, police officers are on the front lines of the never-ending war on crime and truly are “the thin blue line that separates a peaceful society from anarchy.”


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