The Cleveland Police Foundation in Partnership with the Ohio Crime Prevention Association Presents the ” Tip of the Week”



A crime in progress can best be explained as a crime that you feel:

    1. Strong suspicion that something is about to take place. Be able to justify your suspicions. Ask yourself:
        * Is the event or occurrence unusual?
        * Is there potential for harm or injury?
   2. Is in the process of taking place. Describe what is actually happening – is a weapon involved?
   3. Has taken place within a short period of time, whether against persons or property, where you feel there
       is a possibility of quick apprehension with police response, or to prevent further acts of violence.
 When a call is placed to 9-1-1, the operator generally answers – “9-1-1, what is your emergency?” The caller then
 should state that they want police, fire, or ambulance. The operator then may tell them to stay on the line while
 they are connected to the proper agency. If a call is placed for emergency response, the call will be prioritized by
 degree of emergency. The primary point to remember when reporting a crime is that things that are happening “now”
 have priority over those that already happened. Also false reporting is a chargeable offense.
(cont. next week)


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