Thank You Note Received From Detective For Assistance with 3 Year Old Victim

his is a note from a detective that asked for the help of the Cleveland Police Foundation with a 3 yr old beaten by his mother.  Thanks to all of you and your donations we were able to give this little guy and his father the Christmas that was taken away from them.  I can’t express my appreciation and gratitude enough for all you have done for the Cleveland Police Foundation.

Captain Sulzer

Captain Sulzer,

Please express my gratitude to the Cleveland Police Foundation and all who make the donations possible on our behalf.  Last week, just two days before Christmas, I was assigned a case in which a three year old boy and his father were attacked by the boy’s mother.  The mother forced the boy to open his Christmas presents and then smashed all of them, and even struck the small child with them.  She went on to destroy the house and throw out the Christmas tree.  The poor little boy’s Christmas was almost ruined.   In fact, when I interviewed the child on Christmas Eve, he told me that Santa wouldn’t be coming to his house!

Thanks to you and the Cleveland Police Foundation, Santa did come to his house!  The toys and gift card you provided to the father were just what was needed to help him keep the Christmas Spirit alive in the eyes of three year old boy.

One of the most difficult parts of our jobs is being able to go home and enjoy time with our own families after seeing so many tragedies knowing there is so much hurt right here in our own city.  As you know, being a police officer is not as easy as turning a switch on or off.  Victims remain in our minds and hearts, especially during the holidays.  It’s a great comfort to know that we have this resource available to assist our victims. 

Thank you again!


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