Second District Gym Renovation, and Installation of Shelter at Outdoor Range

DSCN2033The Cleveland Police Foundation wishes to announce the completion of two very important endeavors that we have assisted in that falls right into place with our mission statement. First of all The Cleveland Police Foundation along with the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association have each donated an outdoor covered shelter located at the Outdoor Range to be used by our officers. These structures will help to keep all of our officers out of the weather all year long for their yearly weapon re-qualification and any other training taking place at the range. I spoke with Sgt. Keith Campbell who is the officer in charge at the range and he stated ” I would to thank both the Cleveland Police Foundation, and the C.P.P.A. for their generous donation of these two shelters which will keep our officers dry during the many training exercises that take place at this range”. Secondly, The Cleveland Police Foundation is also proud to announce we had the opportunity to assist the Cleveland Division of Police 2nd District Officers with the renovation of their gym. I had the opportunity to work side by side with the fine officers of the 2nd District along with caring members of the community, as well as the Police Wives of Ohio organization. The gym floor was removed and replaced, the walls were painted, and the gym was completely cleaned and sanitized. It was a joint effort by all and I would like to personally thank Commander Tom Stacho, Lt. Michael Betley, Officer Justin Setty,  Police Wives of Ohio,and all the other dedicated officers from the 2nd District who helped make this dream a reality. Also thanks go out to all the members of the community that bought raffle tickets and t-shirts to help fund the renovation, and congratulations to Murray Evans for winning the Glock 43 that was donated by The Cleveland Police Foundation. As part of The Cleveland Police Foundation Mission Statement reads we are dedicated, and determined to improve our officer’s wellness, physical fitness, training, and education, and with the completion of these two important endeavors I feel we played a big part in accomplishing this goal. Bob Guttu (CPF)DSCN2071


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