Progressive Insurance Employee Group Partners to Make the Holidays Brighter for a Family in Need

(shown above:)

“Thanks police officers & Progressive!” Members of the Davis family pose with PO Anna Mercado and Sgt. Tim Higgins. L to R: Daeshauna, Age 7; Deangelo, Age 9; Tyshawn, Age 8; and Antwjuan, Age 11.

Greater Clevelanders are known for their generosity. Our region is blessed with caring individuals, businesses and organizations that give back to the community. Good citizenship doesn’t stop with voting, obeying the law, and paying taxes; community service is also part of it.

An example of good corporate citizenship is Progressive Insurance. The company encourages its employees to engage in activities that work to improve the quality of life in the community. The results are numerous acts of kindness without fanfare or public recognition, but with great impact.

This year, Progressive’s Creative Business Operations Group decided to partner with the Cleveland Police Foundation and one of its umbrella charities, the “Cops For Kids Program” in making the holidays a little brighter for a 11-year old young man, his two younger brothers & sister, and mother (See related “Cops For Kids Program” article below).

Working with Sgt. Tim Higgins, manager Jan Grega passed on to fellow employees a few suggestions as to what was thought to be needed by the family. Things took off from there, with Brenda Henley and Karen Leaphart leading the charge. Members of the group donated new toys, clothing, money, sporting goods, and their good karma. Jan Grega stated, “This was definitely a team effort and everyone enjoyed shopping, wrapping gifts and watching the piles of gifts grow.”

Gift delivery day was Friday, December 20, 2013 and started with pick-up at the Creative Business Operations Group offices. Sgt. Higgins explained to those assembled the reason this family was designated for “adoption” and expressed appreciation to everyone for their efforts. He was taken somewhat aback when the employees applauded and thanked him for allowing them to get involved in the project. A pallet full of wrapped gifts was then loaded into the police van and it was off to the house for the “gift-drop” before the kids got home from school.

Brenda Henley, Mark Dreimiller and Brian Dubasik of Progressive accompanied the officers to the house, and after meeting the mother; joined the assembly line in delivering the goods to the upstairs apartment. The hard part was done.

PO Anna Mercado picked-up the kids at school in her police car, and so not to arouse suspicion explained that she was in the neighborhood, and because it was raining, would drive the kids home. Sgt. Higgins went shopping for groceries and a warm early-Christmas dinner with the cash that remained from the Progressive employees’ donations, and timed his arrival after the kids got home.

Can you imagine their reaction when the kids came into the apartment and saw the mountain of gifts waiting for them in the living room? We wish everyone could have witnessed that, especially those at Progressive that made it all possible. The kids and mom expressed their thanks to the police officers present, one youngster passed along a hearty “Thanks Progressive Auto Insurance!,” testimony that they may watch a little TV.

The generosity of the members of the Creative Business Operations Group of Progressive Insurance made for a very special Christmas for a family in need. We commend and thank them for their community service!

Editor’s Note: Although this act of kindness was done with no expectation of being publicized, we thank Progressive Insurance for allowing us tell this story. We invite other businesses, organizations or individuals who may be looking for ways to get involved in similar community outreach activities to contact us at 216-623-3333 or


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