Nurturing Future Leaders: Cleveland’s Law Enforcement Explorer Program

Amid growing challenges in law enforcement recruitment across the nation, the Cleveland Police Law Enforcement Explorer program stands out. As highlighted by News 5 Cleveland WEWS, this program has an ambitious goal of nurturing the community’s next generation of leaders.

The Law Enforcement Explorer program is run by the Cleveland Division of Police’s Bureau of Community Affairs. The program provides young adults, aged 14 to 20, with a unique opportunity to engage with current law enforcement officers. From traffic stops to crime scene processing, the explorers are exposed to diverse aspects of policing, all while honing crucial life skills.

Patrol Officer Adrian Calhoun, a key figure in the program, speaks highly of its impact. “This program is an amazing one; I wish I had this opportunity when I was younger,” shares Calhoun. His personal journey from the medical field to serving his neighborhood in Cleveland underlines the transformative potential of the program.

The testimonies from the program’s participants, like Tiara Cammon, affirm the positive influence of the explorers program. Overcoming her initial shyness, Tiara has grown into a confident individual, ready to give back to the community and help others.

Tiara’s mother, Sammika Cammon, is also closely involved with the program as an advisor. She reflects on her own experience with law enforcement during a period of family crisis, saying, “The law enforcement was there for us. It’s an opportunity for me to expose my children and the cadets with the opportunity to give back as well.”

To learn more about the Explorer program and its impact, watch the video and read the full story from News 5 Cleveland WEWS here.


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