A Message From Our Retiring Executive Director…

Charles W. Lane, Jr.Dear Friends:

Having had the privilege of working 36+ years with the honorable men and women in the police service, and the last 6+ years with the Cleveland Police Foundation (CPF), I am drifting into full retirement.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the members of the CPF Board of Directors for the opportunity to serve this great organization. Additionally, thanks to the many fine people and organizations forming the team responsible for leading a fledgling organization into the viable one it is today. In its short history, the CPF is now poised to have a giant impact on improving morale within the Cleveland Division of Police (CPD) and its charitable and community engagement efforts.

The team effort has paid serious dividends and we’ve only scraped the surface of what can be achieved…

To the leadership of the City of Cleveland and the CPD: Embrace the Cleveland Police Foundation and actively support its efforts to grow stronger so it can help you, your members, and the community!

To the rank and file members of the CPDThank you for taking a stand in making our community safer. You truly are “The Thin Blue Line that separates a peaceful society from anarchy.” The CPF is your charitable organization. Embrace and support it!

To the Community: Our police cannot do it alone… they need your help to make our city safer and a better place to live. Get involved in efforts to make your neighborhood safer and if you’re able, support the CPF’s mission by joining the Friends of the Cleveland Police Foundation.



Charles W. Lane, Jr.
Executive Director (Ret.)

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The Cleveland Police Foundation is the official charity for the Cleveland Division of Police and the only organization authorized to solicit charitable contributions on its behalf.

We provide funding for youth and community outreach programs, community policing and engagement initiatives, safety & crime prevention programs, and support the members of the Cleveland Division of Police to help them better perform their duties. Contributions to the CPF are tax deductible under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code.

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