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Improving the Mental Health and Wellness of Cleveland Police Officers

Join with us in supporting our men and women in blue who are at the front lines, often facing the same situations that our military do with the same effects on their mental health

Seeking Holiday Donations for Police Officer Mental Health and Wellness

This special campaign is based on the findings from the successful cultural transformation program in the Fourth Police District

The Cleveland Police Foundation has always supported police officer wellness. But the results from the cultural transformation program in Police District Four underscored the need for a major focus on police officer mental health and wellness, according to Dick Clough, Foundation Chair. 

“Here is a chance for everyone in Cleveland and the County to support our men and women in blue who are at the front lines often facing situations that our military do with same kind of effect on their mental health,” says Clough. “The Cultural Transformation Program pointed out how important good mental health is when it comes to dealing with the community and their families. During this holiday season, we are announcing a special fundraising effort for the Cleveland Police Mental Health and Wellness Fund.”

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Your donation will be used to support the mental health and wellness of our men and women in blue, and will directly make an impact on the future of our community.