New Faces, Brave Acts, Community Giving: March’s Focus


🚨 New Faces, 🎖️ Brave Acts, 🎁 Community Giving: March’s Focus

The March 2024 Partner

In our March 2024 issue, we spotlight the launch of our Membership Campaign, crucial for supporting programs aimed at building trust and understanding between Cleveland’s police and its diverse communities.

Notably, we honor Coretta James for her unparalleled commitment to thanking law enforcement officers nationwide, a journey that brought her from Queens, New York, to Cleveland.

Also in the spotlight is Deputy Police Chief Jarod Schlacht, whose ascent from patrol officer in 2007 to leadership showcases the possibilities within the Cleveland Police Division.

Our Police Officers of the Month for February, Jonnatan Sanchez and Wanda Wright, are celebrated for their swift and life-saving actions in the Warehouse District, where they provided crucial first aid to several people injured in a shooting. Notably, their quick thinking saved a woman’s life with an improvised tourniquet made out of a belt.

Jonathan Goldston and Michelle Arch are our February Community Partners of the Month, recognized for leading fundraisers and toy drives that enriched our holiday initiatives. Their efforts brought joy to Cleveland families and support to those in medical crises through A Special Wish Foundation, showcasing the impact of collective effort.

This newsletter not only aims to inform but also to inspire continued collaboration for a safer, more engaged Cleveland.

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