Make a Difference Day

The Cleveland Police Foundation joined the nation in Make a Difference Day October 28, 2017.

Make a Difference Day - October 28, 2017In addition to the Health & Justice Fair, the Cleveland Police Foundation joined the nation in Make a Difference Day October 28, 2017.  CPF partnered with Imagine Youth  to create an opportunity to facilitate intergenerational engagement at Eliza Bryant nursing home in the Hough community.  We had over 60 volunteers comprised of the Imagine Youth members and their families, Boys and Girls Club, Wade Park Elementary School, Rhode HS, John Marshall HS, University School, Saint Ignatius, and Cleveland Heights High School.  Mayor Jackson stopped by and expressed his appreciation to the volunteers.  Volunteers engaged with  seniors in various board games, with BINGO being the biggest hit and the most competitive.  In that we received a donation of 120 pumpkins, we shared some pumpkins with the Make a Difference Day Project so seniors could enjoy decorating their pumpkins as well.  The seniors loved it!  Students also helped beautify the center by cleaning and painting the interior.  Our outcomes in this project were multidimensional:
  • Our youth benefits from seeing firsthand that elderly people are not “scary” and that they hold a lot of oral history and facts about the world and local community. They can also begin or strengthen the idea/purpose behind volunteerism. It also provides them with an opportunity to see how they can contribute firsthand to change and empower themselves.
  • Our adults benefit because they can set aside time in busy schedules to give back to a seemingly forgotten population – the elderly. Additionally, spending time with young volunteers provides ways to serve as role models, and also to be a mentor for a young person, even if only for one day.
  • Our elderly benefit because they will have visitors, and be shown that they are a vital part of society and appreciated for their contributions. 
  • The organization benefits because it will have extra hands to help with tasks and lift the spirits of employees, administrators, and families.
  • Our community benefits because it takes us away from our electronic devices and gives us an opportunity to meet new people, strengthen already existing relationships, and give to those who least expect it.



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