Fourth District Welcomes Back Officer Przybylski

Officer Vickie Przybylski

The Fourth District would like to give a warm welcome back to Officer Vickie Przybylski on her first day back to patrol. For the last 13 months, Officer Przybylski has fought endlessly against her fight with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Thankfully, Officer Przybylski is currently in remission and her spirits are higher than ever. Her positive attitude throughout the year, determination to get back on the road, and her overall strength is beyond admiring to every officer in the district. Even while assigned to restricted duty during chemo treatments, Vickie was always the first one to cook for officers (she’s our favorite chef in the building), and always look out for them. It is officers like her that keep a close bond between us all.

Officer Przybylski also wants her brothers and sisters in blue to know, “Remember why you took this job. Try to help one person each and every day that you work. Help put them on a better path. Also, really look out for each other. Don’t wait till something bad happens to a fellow officer to pay attention. We are family and we are all we’ve got.”

Welcome back, sister


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