Fourth District Cops For Kids Fishing Outing

4thTuesday, August 9th the fourth out of a series of five Cops For Kids Fishing Outings was held at Wildwood Park for kids from the Cleveland Boys & Girls Clubs and Police Officers from the 4th District. The kids and officers gathered in the parking lot and were given t-shirts and were provided a brief safety and how to fish presentation by Captain Vytus Kyjauskas. Upon Completion, the group began boarding the two fishing boats at which time the first of two flybys occurred when a bald eagle with a fish in its mouth passed directly over the boats. It was quite a sight to see and the kids were astounded, mostly because they had never seen one of these birds in person. At this time both boats cruised out of the marina and headed west to hopefully catch some fish. The group stayed out for almost three hours and although the fishing was slow all the participants agreed they had a good time and shared quite a few laughs. The group then filed off the boat and headed for the pavilion for lunch at which time our second flyby occurred when the Cleveland Police Helicopter made a few passes over the marina. Our group then ate and exchanged stories about their fishing excursion after which the kids proceeded out to the parking lot where they got to spend some time with the Specialized Units from the Police Department. They then thanked everyone for having the opportunity to fish with the officers and I’m sure they, and all the officers will remember this day for a long time to come. Thank you to all the officers from the 4th District who volunteered to spend the day with the children and made this event a success. Also thanks to the Motorcycle Unit, Aviation Unit, K-9, S.W.A.T. and the Metropark P.D. for taking the the time out of their busy day to spend time and interact with the kids. Also finally a special thanks to Captain Sulzer for once again cooking the lunch that was provided by the Cleveland Police Foundation… Bob Guttu (C.P.F.)


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