Cops for Kids at MetroHealth

12373289_548032558695314_7603603580308992740_nCops for Kids at MetroHealth escorted our old friend from the Captain Penny Show, Mr. Jingaling, to visit the kids in the Pediatric Unit. Mr. Jingaling, for those who are too young to know, is the Keeper of Santa’s Keys and holds the keys to the Santa’s Treasure Room of Toys. The 3rd District’s P.O. Mike Stanton and the Cleveland Police Foundation’s Officer of the Year, P.O. Bob Beveridge from the Second District, accompanied us on our visits. I’m not sure the kids got as big a thrill out of Mr. Jingaling as the adults and staff who remembered seeing him on TV. This was a great event and we want to say Merry Christmas and thank you to Mr Jingaling and the staff at MetroHealth from making this possible.

“Mr. Jingaling how you tingaling keeper of the keys.. On Halle’s 7th Floor you’ll be waiting for him to turn the key….”12391777_548032678695302_3538603088680505923_n


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