Cleveland FBI Teams to Grant a Wish

The Cleveland Police Foundation and Cleveland Cops for Kids had the honor and pleasure of supporting A Special Wish Foundation and the Cleveland FBI in granting a wish for an amazing 9 year old, Oliviah Hall!!  Oliviah is battling a rare form of brain cancer, but despite all of her health issues, she was an inspiration to everyone she met!!  Oliviah had more energy than two 9 yr olds!! She was sworn in as an FBI Agent for the Day and went through an abbreviated FBI Academy.  When CatWoman stole Cat Steven‘s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Guitar, Oliviah literally chased and apprehended the infamous villian, booked and processed her, then held a press conference to let Cleveland know that we are safe from the notorious feline!!  And if that wasn’t enough, Oliviah finished the day by belting out the song “Alleluia” for the entire FBI building to hear!!  Thank you A Special Wish Cleveland Chapter and the Cleveland office of the FBI for allowing us to be part of this wonderful gift!!  Oliviah and family, we’re glad she was able to check off another item from her bucket list by driving in a police car with the sirens on!  Good luck and may God bless you and heal you!!


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