7 Days of Love Day Seven: “Heart of the Matter: The Importance of Improving Officer Wellness and Morale in Cleveland”

Last month, our beloved furry friend Apollo stopped by the Fourth District to visit the officers. Apollo is only five months old and has been working closely with Detective Chris Porter in the division for the past two months. He is currently in training to become an emotional support animal, and is assigned to the Employee Assistance Unit. During his visit, Apollo brightened the officers’ morning and did a great job.

Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of our Seven Days of Love campaign, we want to focus on the important work of improving the wellness and morale of Cleveland Police Officers. The challenges faced by our officers are many, and they are taking a toll on their mental and physical health. In the face of violence and PTSD, it’s crucial that we provide our officers with the support and training they need to do their jobs effectively.

The Cleveland Police Foundation’s Wellness & Morale Program, established in 2022, can make a real difference in the lives of our officers. Through stress management training, equine therapy, yoga, and other initiatives, we are working to create a more supportive and resilient police force. Our goal is to help our officers manage the stress of their jobs and find the strength to serve our community with honor and distinction.

In addition to improving the wellbeing of our officers, the Wellness & Morale Program is also helping to build stronger relationships between the police and the community. By investing in the health and happiness of our officers, we are laying the foundation for a more positive and productive partnership between law enforcement and the people we serve.

Join us in supporting the Cleveland Police Foundation and its mission to serve and protect the Cleveland community. Your tax-deductible donation to the CPF general fund will help fund initiatives, including the important work of improving the wellness and morale of Cleveland police officers. Together, we can make a positive impact and help build a safer Cleveland. 


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