10th Annual Gun Buyback A Great Success

AK 47 retrieved during gun buyback


We thank ArcelorMittal for its continued commitment to making our neighborhoods safer.

In an effort to improve neighborhood and residential safety, the City of Cleveland with the support of its community partners conducts its annual gun buyback.

In 2016, 168 guns were collected, thereby eliminating the chance for any of these weapons to be used to commit a crime, or to discharge accidentally and cause potential harm or even death. Upon hearing of the donation of funds Charles Lane, Executive Director of the Cleveland Police Foundation stated, “Once again, ArcelorMittal has demonstrated to the citizens of the City of Cleveland that they are an outstanding corporate, city and community partner.”

When reached for a comment on their generosity, Mike Madar, ArcelorMittal’s Vice President and General Manager stated, “ArcelorMittal has been a longtime supporter of the Cleveland Gun Buyback program. It aligns with the culture of health and safety we have within our facility, and we are pleased to partner with the community to promote safety in our neighborhoods. I know this program has the potential to save lives. We will melt down the weapons collected in the gun buyback and recycle them into new steel, transforming them into consumer goods that improve the quality of all our lives.”

November 29, 2016 Press Release: “Gun Buy Back Announced”


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