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In This Issue: CPF Police Officer of the Month Sergeant Thomas Ross… Become our Friend… upcoming events and more!

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The Partner Newsletter

The word partner in police work has a special meaning. To police officers working the street, it’s a relationship that only law enforcement officers can truly understand. Your partner has your back… at that most critical time, when things can go from ordinary to surreal in milliseconds. You work together, know each other’s moves, and how each will react without having to think about it. Good communication is critical to a successful outcome.

Paramount to officer safety and effective police work are the wireless partners. Those unsung heroes working behind the scenes in the communications center.

There are also animal partners… canine and equine which also provide essential police services. All of these partnerships further good police work, safety, and service to the community.  Effective communication and teamwork are critically intertwined throughout.

Another critical partnership is police officers working in collaboration with citizens, businesses and organizations, as everyone wants a safer city.

The Partner serves as one of the tools that the Cleveland Police Foundation uses to foster positive relationships, team building with the Cleveland Division of Police, the community and police charities…. all joining together for a safer community.


The Partner: E-Newsletter Archive


  • January 2018
    CPF Police Officer of the Month Sergeant Thomas Ross… Become our Friend… upcoming events and more!


  • December 2017
    CPF Police Officer of the Month P.O. Doug Nichols… First and Second District awards… upcoming events and more!
  • November 2017
    Honoring Fallen Officer PO Justin Leo, Girard PD… Become a Friend of the CPF… Cleveland Police Are Hiring… Faith-Based Emergency Planning… CPF Officer of the Month Vickie Przybylski… Upcoming events and more!
  • October 2017
    October 15 Ride-2-Achieve Citywide Bike Tour * 11th Annual Handgun Buyback October 21 * October 28 Health & Justice Fair * Congrats to October 2017 Police Officer of the Month Antonio Andino * Much, much more!
  • September 2017
    Tribute to the Blue September 28 * TTTB Honorees  * September 2017 POM Second District Baby Shower * 4th District Community Service Awards * Much, much more!
  • August 2017
    Tribute to the Blue September 28 * ESPN CLEVELAND & TONY RIZZO Annual Golf Outing Benefiting The Cleveland Police Foundation * August 2017 POM Patrol Officer Paul Fronckowiak * Much, much more!
  • July 2017
    Become a Friend of the Cleveland Police Foundation and Support Our Mission * Slamtana Charity Bowling July 20 * July 2017 POM Lieutenant Edward Lentz * Much, much more!
  • June 2017
    CPF Announces Signature Annual Event, “Tribute to the Blue”… June 2019 Police Officers of the Month: Detective Carl Bowers, Detective Michael Belle and Patrol Officer Erwin Eberhardt… Upcoming events and much more…
  • May 2017
    Memorial Commemoration May 13-21… Trooper Kenneth Velez and Patrol Officer David J. Fahey Jr. to be Commemorated… Cle. Int’l. Tattoo May 20… May 2017 Police Officer of the Month – Detective John Graves… this and much more!
  • April 2017
    32nd Annual Memorial Commemoration May 14-21… Police Officers of the Month Christopher Eaton and Michael Ryan… Cleveland International Tattoo Tickets and much more!
  • March 2017
    Honoring Our Fallen – Patrol Officer David Fahey and Trooper Kenneth Velez… Outdoorsmen for Officers Banquet March 25… Police Officer of the Month Sergeant Timothy Higgens (Feb.) and Detective Robert Norman (Mar.) and more…
  • February 2017
    Police Officer David Fahey #2453… Cops for Kids at MetroHealth… Little Free Library at Buhrer Elementary… January 2017 Police Officer of the Month Detective Kevin Callahan of Police 4th District and more…


  • December 2016
    Season of Giving Video… Secret Santa… Canine Ballistic Vests Donation… New President Grant Dinner and more!
  • October 2016
    Blue at the Zoo November 4… “Black and Blue Side by Side”… physical fitness/sport equipment donations for children and more!
  • September 2016
    Blue at the Zoo Nov. 4, Cops for Kids activities, RNC merch and more!
  • July 2016
    Community Partnership for Individuals, random acts of kindness, Cops for Kids and more!
  • June 2016
    2016 RNC CPD commemorative items now available! Pokemon, annual partnership for citizens, officers read to kids at Horizon and more…
  • May 2016
    31st Annual Police Memorial Commemoration May 14-22; little league equipment; Boys and Girls Club; Cops for Kids fishing events and more…
  • April 2016
    CPF official vendor of 2016 CPD RNC Commemorative items… 31st Annual Police Memorial Commemoration May 14-22… upcoming events and more…


  • April 2015
    Support Greater Cleveland campaign… Recap on Cops for Causes at C.P.P.A. Hall… Community Policing… Upcoming Events and More…
  • February 2015
    Cleveland Selected for Inaugural Launch of New Mobile App for Small Businesses… Display Your Sign & Show Your Support For Our Police Officers… Community Activist Experience Police Shoot/Don’t Shoot Scenarios… Community Emergency Preparedness and more…
  • January 2015
    Giving back to the community… boxing ring for PAL Youth Program… officer fatalities report… Progressive employees and CPF partner for Cops for Kids program… this and more!


  • December 2014
    Happy Holidays! Thanks for a successful 3rd Annual Gala… awards for police districts… partnering for physical fitness…
  • November 2014



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